Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Harvey and Irma response and climate change

This isn't written as a post about the reality or unreality of climate change. What it is, is a suggestion for the next few months.
Pay attention to the actions of government, pundits, charities, politicians and advocacy groups in the next coming months. You will have a chance to see what they REALLY believe about climate change. You will see if they are willing to make the hard choices that a belief in climate change REQUIRES them to make.
If we respond to Harvey and Irma in the same way we have in the past, then you know that the people in power aren't serious about climate change.
Massive changes to the national flood insurance program, FEMA and HUD assistance, flood zone requirements and zoning are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED if the current consensus on climate change is true. Rebuilding in many of these areas is ABSURD! Rebuilding in other areas without significant changes in building codes is RIDICULOUS.
If the government does the usual thing, and not only allows rebuilding without major changes in building standards, but subsidizes and encourages it, then you know that they aren't serious about climate change. This doesn't mean they're wrong, or lying, just that they put politics above reality.