Sunday, November 29, 2020

Congress Fails - Courts Legislate - This is NOT How it Works!

 Very few things highlight the failures of the Democrats than their failure to advance legislation to extend the Civil Rights Act when they had majorities. Just like the Republicans, they don't want to solve a problem if they can continue to use it to demonize their opponents and garner votes. 

CONGRESS is the proper way to extend these rights, NOT the courts. If unelected judges can unilaterally change the law or the Constitution then NONE of us are safe from a Court that does not align with our values. 

We shouldn't have to be afraid of a conservative court if the court wasn't trying to fix that which Congress refuses to. 

Biden had almost 50 years to fix this and refused to. He is not going to fix it now. He is going to put a ragged band aid on it, claim to be the hero of the LGBTQ, and then continue to fear-monger for votes.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Rights are a Bundle. Ignore Some at Your Own Risk

Again, for those not listening...

Rights are a bundle, not a la carte.

"You don’t care very much about the rights of the sky zombie folks* because you care more about COVID-19? Totally understandable, as you’re allowed to value your personal concerns over those of other people. But then, they’re allowed to care about their values over yours. The difference is that theirs are protected by the Constitution. Honor it not because you agree, but because you expect them to honor the rights you value, and either they all deserve respect or none do."

*these would be religious people

Partisan Hypocrisy in Census and other Areas

This discussion is another in a long line of examples of unprincipled politicians using principled arguments to pretend that they give a shit about you.

Just like Ds and Rs don't give a crap about whether a vote is legal, fair, or unburdened - only that the vote is for them - when they argue voter ID or felons voting... 

Any thought that politicians actually care about principles regarding the census, reapportionment or redistricting is laughable. Rs want more seats in areas where their voters are and Ds want the opposite. 

It is as simple as that. 

If mail in voting overwhelmingly favored Rs over Ds, their positions would flip instantly and they would pretend they always believed that way and that only an amoral idiot would possibly argue against their positions. 

And their mindless flacks would eat it up and follow right along... 

One needs only remember the past lawsuits on redistricting, and follow along in the coming new redistricting lawsuits as Ds and Rs in one state argue exactly opposite positions of their counterparts in different states depending on how redistricting affects them.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

The Hidden, but incredibly important election


We haven’t been actively tracking it, but one other late-breaking election result of note: This week, Democrats basically sewed up a supermajority in the New York state Senate. In addition to giving them the ability to override the vetoes of moderate Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, this also gives Democrats full control over passing new congressional and state legislative maps in New York, which is expected to have 26 House seats next decade. That means that Democrats will control the redrawing of 73 House seats in total, or 17 percent of the House. Republicans will control the redrawing of 188 seats (43 percent), while 167 seats (38 percent) will be drawn by independent commissions or both parties working together.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Official 2020 Election Prediction

 These are my official predictions and I won't change them based on polls or minor movements but reserve the right to change them over a major political event such as a death, COVID cure, or REAL scandal.


Trump gets 219 electoral votes, Biden gets 319

Biden States (closest bunch first): AZ, FL, PA, WI, NV, MN, VA, HI, VT, NH, RI, MA, CT, DC, NJ, DE, WA, OR, CA, CO, NM, IL, NY, MD, 3/4 ME and 1/4 NE

Trump States: NC, GA, OH, IA, UT, ID, MT, WY, ND, SD, KS, OK, TX, MO, AR, LA, IN, KY, TN, WV, MS, AL, SC, AK, ME 1/3, NE, 3/4

States I am most worried about being wrong: NC, GA, OH, ME, AZ, FL

Confidence in my prediction: 65% (this year is weird). If wrong, I think Biden crushes Trump, but I wouldn't be surprised in other direction.


51 plus or minus 1 Democrats.

I have CO, GA, ME, NC, AZ flipping Red to Blue

I have AL flipping Blue to Red

Least confident states are IA and ME


I have 233 plus or minus 5 Democrats

Jo Jorgensen: