Monday, July 22, 2019

Guest Post from Devin on hate...

So....earlier today I shared several posts I saw on my timeline that WILDLY disagree with my world views.
With each of these I wrote a comment when I shared them expressing my disagreement.
Let me be clear HATE is NEVER ok, it doesn't matter if you are hating a majority group or a minority group.
There is NO MORAL SUPERIORITY in hate.
In today's world many of the sensational articles shared on Facebook are crafted by malicious actors (often nation states) with the intent of dividing Americans and weakening our unity.
I understand people don't like Trump, and with some valid reasons. I understand some people do like Trump, and with the terrible partisan BS nowadays I can understand WHY people who wouldn't usually stand by him do.
In today's world it feels like a battle for life, but the issue is the battle for life isn't between REPUBLICANs and that is the SMALL battle. The battle for life and death is between FREEDOM, LIBERTY, DECENCY and OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT. You're fooling yourself if you think either party gives a flying flip about you as a person; they don't.
What OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT fears is unity among the constituency.
What OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT fears is thoughtful debate.
What OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT fears is us realizing that we agree on 80% of the stuff that really matters and that we'll stop arguing over their "solutions" that are meant to be a distraction to us.
Quit being Sheeple, quit feeding into the mass hysteria!
Diversity is beautiful, love is beautiful, fear and hate will NEVER win against LOVE they can't. But what can happen is that fear and hate can infect us as a society, and poison us. It can cause us to stop being loving and during these periods of time fear and hate can gain massive ground.
I'm ashamed of how many "good" people I know take "sides" with Evil A and Evil B. Stand up for what's right, call right right and wrong wrong. Stand for RESPECT, DIGNITY, TRUTH, and LOVE.
You can really tell Facebook's UI (intentionally or unintentionally) is geared towards furthering the divide and spreading misinformation because in all of these circumstances it looks like I was in support of the point that I FIRMLY stand AGAINST.