Saturday, September 10, 2016

How to Pretend You Care about Human Trafficking while Making the Problem Worse

This bugs the shit out of me.
Human trafficking is awful. It is high on my list of things I would be willing to devote resources and money to stop.
Instead, government uses the illegality of prostitution to bust willing partners and then make bold claims that they are striking a blow against sex trafficking.
This is utter bullshit. What they did and said, as well as their enforcement of prostitution laws makes it far MORE likely that women will be exploited via human trafficking.
Ending the criminalization of honest, willing participation in prostitution is the only way to allow us to focus resources on the truly exploited. When everyone's a criminal, why bother seeking out the tough ones to catch when you can pretend to and get flashy headlines and more funding.
Your government doesn't give a shit about you.
Heres' some context on how unbelievably evil these sex traffickers were. From the article linked below:
"While they're still awaiting final sentencing, the penalties Richey recommended were relatively modest: 60 days in jail for Durnal, who pleaded guilty to two counts of promoting prostitution, and 80 days in jail waived as a first-time offender, plus 30 days of community service, for Mueller, who pleaded guilty to three counts of promoting prostitution. In addition, each man would get 12 months of community custody afterward, pay a $3,000 fine, "be available for interviews and testimony as directed," and take a class on "Stopping Sexual Exploitation."

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