Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ray on respect for other'side beliefs...and not being a dick...

So I'm going to a wedding of a friend this evening.

A friend.

To which I am wearing the garb in my profile picture (editors note: the garb is traditionally muslim...I'll see if I can get a picture).  I thought "well I'll post this pic... it's fun to get dressed up and fun to wear clothing of another culture."

The culture of my friend who's wedding I am attending this evening.

Did you see that I mentioned he is my friend.


So I thought my other friends would have the common courtesy or even the common sense to respect my friends religion and culture... yet here I have had some ridiculously ignorant commentary that although I deleted I feel I should identify to honor not only my friend's wedding...but

To honor my own convictions....and

To honor those who read my posts....

And to honor my friends who wrote or tried to post very offensive comments... because what sort of person or friend would I be if I didn't speak out?

Let me start off by saying I am a Born Again Christian.  And although I enjoy my Vodka along with other minor vices... I pray fervently...  confess that Jesus Christ is the Messiah... regularly attend Church, and do my very best to be the example of Christian values and love.

I'm an ardent patriot, having served in the military for over a decade enduring hardships on occasion and sacrificing upon the altar of Freedom regularly.  For Freedom is a hungry god and requires much of her believers.

I hold down two jobs, one that demands 60+ hours a week. I coach soccer, I have volunteered at the American Legion, I regularly donate money to various cause and events.

I have 5 children who I am involved with and an active participant in their lives.  I love my wife and just to make sure she knows it...  I make a pass at her nightly ;).  I'm not saying I always get to the promised land.... I'm just saying it's important that she knows I'm trying to get there.

Psssst... I'm a registered Republican.

I just want to list it out because for the comments that I read were from so called "conservatives."  That's not conservative ideals...


I am the embodiment of the virtues of the Church, Constitution and Americanism.


The only difference is... I refuse to judge others who practice their faith differently... who vote differently... who love different races or genders...  I choose love.  The love of Jesus Christ.

And so I say your comments and posts are not conservative....

 They are racist.

And despite recent practices Racism is not cool.

These comments aren't the connect the dots latent sort of racism... they're actually old school KKK sort of racist.

Of the variety that some of you are so far gone that you either don't understand that what you are doing is wrong... or you're no longer ashamed of being such a way.  So you choose to shame me as a bystander in your bafoonary.

I can no longer stand aside.

Well, you've embarrassed me.  You've embarrassed yourself.

And this isn't being politically correct or Liberal or race bating.  This is what it means to be a friend.

To stick up for your friends when they are being shamed.

This is what it means to be respectful to people who are different.  This is what it means to be curious about life and living and the world and about God!

This is what it means to be decent.

And if any of you don't like what you're reading ask yourselves why you've read so far into it.

Heal my friends... for whatever caused such fear doesn't own you.

 God owns you and He made us all different for a reason.

"Allah loves variety."

Peace unto you.

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