Sunday, May 28, 2017

Politics and Sports

1. I am completely unobjective when it comes to sports. If Tom Brady got caught with 57 women, cheating on his taxes, and stealing from widows and orphans, I would find a way to blame Roger Goodell or the Jets. This is how most people treat their political party.
2. On the bad scale of 1 to 100 (50 being meh), Trump's a 75 (it can get much worse than him) and Hillary's a 68. D's think Hillary's a 2 and Trump's 57,000. R's think almost the opposite.
3. I pulled the numbers out my ass, so let's not get nitpicky. Point is, both are bad. There's almost no career politician who isn't at least a 60.
4. If you disagree with my point above, see #1 - I'm talking about you.

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