Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I Agree with Bernie Sanders - Money and Politics are a Corrosive Mix

As usual, I agree with the problem.
It's the solution that's crap.
In fact, there is no solution to the inexorable corruption of government officials in the face of money and the lure of personal power.
Our founders knew this.
Power corrupts.
There is, literally, no way for the government to craft laws to limit the corrosive power of money in politics.
Fox - guard this hen-house!
The only practical solution for limiting the effect of money on politics, and the effects of a a corrupt government is to limit the power of government.
Only by preventing government from exercising power over every aspect of our lives can we limit the damage government corruption sows.
Of course, right now the only check on government power, the Constitution, is being actively subverted.
Who's doing the subverting?
A branch of government!
The Supreme Court.
It's no surprise that the watch word of this election is "3 nominations!"
Each party wants to ensure they get the power to make those nominations.
Does either party want justices to limit the power of government?
Hell NO!
They want justices who will validate THEIR notions of what power the government should have.

We're all fucked.

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