Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Something Made me Think about Checking my Privilege

This is a very poorly thought out, rapidly written post based on things popping into my head.  They may not stand up to sober reflection - so judge lightly...

"I've stood, baffled and frozen, when a stranger groped me in a bar."

More and more, I hear things like this, and realize it happens more than I ever thought it did.  I always wonder how someone doesn't end up in jail or beaten up.  I can't put myself in the shoes of someone who has this happen.  That said, this is a crime, and should be dealt with as such.


I wish I had more useful things to say about this.

Here's the link to the article where I read it:

Thing is, it was just a thrown in line in an article about calling women "crazy".  I can't imagine living a life in which that statement just gets thrown into an article about words.

Part of me wants to think that this writer is "crazy" and throws that statement in to add weight to the article.  To think that it doesn't happen as often as she implies.  But I'm pretty sure that even if she's exaggerating her experience, it happens a lot more than I'd ever like to think about.

Another part of me wants to judge her for not immediately calling 911.  After all, it's sexual assault - to me, a VERY BIG DEAL!  Part of me wants to say that that makes her partially to blame for assholes thinking they can get away with it.  After all, if everyone who did this kind of bullshit got a visit from the cops, men might get the message.

But I can't do that.  I can't put myself in her, or any other woman's shoes.  I can't even get close.  I simply don't have the life experiences to judge what she, or any other woman does in this situation.

I know what I'd do, at least I think I do, but that's something that's of very little use to her or any other woman.

All that said, if you are a man who has done this, will do it, or thinks it's okay...Fuck you.  Fuck you straight to hell.

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