Saturday, January 12, 2019

Ray on Political Discourse

You know what I would honestly like to see...  and I mean this 100% sincerely....

I would genuinely like to see folks discuss their points not following Party lines...

Like seriously...  it's not that the Democrats have all the answers and it's not like the Republicans have all the answers... 

But truthfully both sides often have valid points....  yet the same actors show up blindly saying the same regurgitated crap at about the same time every day....   it's the same party speak from the same party websites and the same party channels and the same party speakers.

It's mind blowing how so many of you don't understand basic economics...  or even basic f*cking civics....  or even your self proclaimed party's stance.

And I wouldn't haven't a problem with any of you about your lack of knowledge but please for the good of the country please just SHUT THE F*CK UP if you don't know what you're talking about.

It's not that you can't have an opinion...  but just stop being a relay talking head for the propaganda machine. 

Everyone is a little bit dumber because of what you propagate...

We are all a little but stupider because of YOU.

You know who you are....

So here are some guidelines.... just try them on....  see how they fit....

1.  Running the WORLD'S BIGGEST ECONOMY is not the same as balancing your household checkbook.  You're not getting the Nobel Prize because you didn't bounce a check even after the EZ pass surprise upped your monthly withdrawal from your debit account.  Happens to me every month.

2.  As much of a d*ckhead as he is...  Donald Trump is OUR President.  You do no one any good with the #notmypresident social media protest...  #cyberfistintheair #innefectual.

3.  Republicans are not Nazis and Democrats are not Socialists (for the most part) but if we are not careful...

If we are not wise in the way we treat our countrymen....

They may be pushed farther into that extreme.

4.  Pelosi and Schumer... will not be historical examples of the greatness of America at the turn of the century... they're all embarrassing and completely out of touch....  it's honestly time for the establishment to re-establish itself.

5.  #blacklivesmatter is not a terrorist movement.  Black lives do matter and for all you #alllivesmatter folks that holds true too...  except "all lives" haven't been sh*t on by this country for 400+ years...  now I am not saying any one has an excuse for anything...  but we as a country need to view problems in the Black community as AMERICAN problems.   We need to view injustices as injustices against AMERICANS.

6.  For f*cks sake stop buying into his bullsh*t.... it's not "fake news..."  Just because you don't agree doesn't mean it's fake...  Jeeeeezzz...  can you PLEASE START THINKING CRITICALLY.

7.  Saying Michelle Obama looks like a man doesn't disgrace her... it disgraces you.

That was your 1st Lady.

She was dignified and a great ambassador of our people.

I don't agree with her politically but I was proud of her.

I mean seriously... what are you 12?

8.  OMG he's not a Muslim!  He was born in this country!  HE IS ACTUALLY NOT A SOCIALIST.  If you think he is please refamiliarize yourself with what a SOCIALIST government actually is.

9.   People who want to retain the right to have weapons are not part of the gun violence in America.  It is our right to have weapons.  The problem with guns in America is the same problem with opiates in America... it's the abuse and overproduction of them by their manufacturers.

10.  MOST Americans want Immigration reform.  Building a wall is not a reform.  Painting a whole race of people as drug smugglers, rapists and murderers is wrong.

What Canadians don't kill people?  Don't do drugs? 

The solutions to our Immigration problems lie within prosecuting those who hire them....  easing the barrier to entry...  and getting the most taxes as we can out of folks who want to come here and make a life for themselves.

11.  Sometimes Trump does the right thing or he may even be on the right track... but his fat belligerent mouth and thumbs should embarrass each of you.

12.  You know what men think about when they first get sent to prison.... 

...yep...  "how am I not going to get raped?" Or be someone's bitch...

You know what.... women... out in public... or in the workplace think about it all the time.


They have to consider it OFTEN as part of their decision making process.

That's not ultra-feminism...  that's men failing...
That's society failing....

We are better.

13.  Speak kindly to one another.  None of you are running for Office...with the exception of [Kurt Peluso, Vedat Gashi, Byron A Jr Divins , Robert Siano]

God gave us this wonderful land... and whether we were born here, or immigrated here... we, thank God, have inherited it at a time where we can be a shining example of a great society that will last the history of the human race. I really believe that.... I really believe we are better than what we are showing the last few years.

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