Sunday, November 29, 2020

Congress Fails - Courts Legislate - This is NOT How it Works!

 Very few things highlight the failures of the Democrats than their failure to advance legislation to extend the Civil Rights Act when they had majorities. Just like the Republicans, they don't want to solve a problem if they can continue to use it to demonize their opponents and garner votes. 

CONGRESS is the proper way to extend these rights, NOT the courts. If unelected judges can unilaterally change the law or the Constitution then NONE of us are safe from a Court that does not align with our values. 

We shouldn't have to be afraid of a conservative court if the court wasn't trying to fix that which Congress refuses to. 

Biden had almost 50 years to fix this and refused to. He is not going to fix it now. He is going to put a ragged band aid on it, claim to be the hero of the LGBTQ, and then continue to fear-monger for votes.

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