Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Global Warming

I haven't decided if I'm going to keep updating posts on a subject, or make new posts whenever I'm thinking about things.  I have some time, since I haven't posted much yet.  It's amazing how when you start a blog where you can explore politics, everyone on all social media platforms stop posting thought provoking or irritating things - go figure.

This post would be a good example of a "don't quote me post".  I'm going to go everywhere, and a lot of what I'm going to write doesn't necessarily comport with any solid conclusions on my part.  I'm not an expert on climate, but I'm really good at politics and political motives, as well as sciencey shit in general, but I'm the wrong guy to form your opinions based on my thoughts.  Bottom line, don't assume you know my true thoughts based on what you read here.  A lot of this is going to be me digging holes and following random thought chains.  Everything that follows is unreliable as to my true views - which are fungible anyway.

That said, you could call me a climate change skeptic, but that just means I'm skeptical of everything, especially if it involves government action.  I am pretty sure climate change is occurring and I'm pretty sure man is a big part.  But I'm very skeptical of calls to action.  By their very own "science" climate change advocates have pretty much proven that carbon control is too little too late - so why wreck the world economy trying to clean everything up.  I'm all for slow and steady progress in the direction of clean air, but the plans of some of these people would send us back to the stone age.  If you ask me, we should focus on effect mitigation, not go balls to the wall on prevention, especially if prevention won't work.  One big thing I could get behind is to stop subsidizing insurance for oceanfront homes - that seems the opposite of what we should be doing if sea level's going to rise.

I'm especially skeptical of motives.  Not the motives of the average joe, or the celebrity true believer.  I'm skeptical of the politicians, the businessmen, the lobbyists, the world government and NGO's.  I just don't believe it's all about climate change.  I think this is just the latest "crisis" that's being used to shove a bunch of policies down our throats, get more power, and get more money.  These were the same people screaming "global cooling" and "new ice age" a couple decades ago.

I like clean power.  I love nuclear power.  I like solar and wind.  Everyone loves solar and wind, just ask Vermont, vehemently protesting wind turbines, shutting down nuc plants, protesting natural gas pipelines, and then wondering why their energy bills are skyrocketing.  I fully expect the giant fields of solar panels will feel their wrath soon enough.

I'm also an optimist.  I expect, if the dire predictions are true, that we'll get through it.  We'll find ways to slow it, mitigate it, or even reverse it.  It's what we do.  I'm also a big fan of local action.  It seems strange to me that there's not more solar in Charleston.  We have these giant neighborhoods, with tons of light exposure, and powerful HOA's.  Why aren't they negotiating a big bulk price for panel installation and getting whole neighborhoods done.  Especially with the subsidies available (which I hate in principle but will accept at the drop of a hat if it works for me.)  It makes me wonder.

Huge left turn aside - tax subsidies.  This is pure advice from a tax guy.  When you get a loan from a solar company, with a 30% balloon due April 15th the year after installation, be prepared to be screwed.  The idea is that the 30% tax credit will pay the balloon.  The problem is that if your taxes hit 0, you have to wait until next year, or the year after that to get the rest of the subsidy, but the balloon payment is still due.  Make sure to check your taxes to see if you can get the whole credit before signing.

Aside done.  Where the fuck was I?


Should New York City be building a big sea wall instead of pushing carbon controls?
Should New Orleans be upgrading their flood control systems?
Should we be looking for a technology solution to excess heat retention?
Heat is good.  Lots of energy.  Can we harness this excess in a good way?
If our planet is so fragile, why aren't we putting more effort into establishing a foothold somewhere else?
Why do environmentalists hate Nuclear?  It is literally as clean as it gets.
Do I care what sea level will be in 50 years?

I still have this nagging feeling that this might all be bullshit, but I wouldn't care if we weren't suggesting solutions that are enormous in scope and cost.  The problem with science is that we just don't know shit.  Eggs are bad, eggs are good, eggs are bad again, or are they good - fuck - who can keep track.  The climate is HUGE!  Sure, something's going on, but do we really know where it's going and what's going to happen?

I also think this carbon thing has sucked the life out of other important environmental issues like water pollution, over fishing, fertilizer runoff.  It's all carbon all the time.

Well shit.  I seem to have come across as the anti science nut job.  Oh well.  Just seeing where the thinking leads me.  There are plenty of people writing about why we should all be scared shitless.  Might as well write something different.

Remember - not necessarily my true beliefs.  Quote them as if they are mine, and you're a dick.

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