Thursday, April 28, 2016

What it's all about...

I argue a lot....A lot.
I'm opinionated, sarcastic and also wicked smart and well read.

That said, like most people, my opinions and tightly held beliefs change over time.  I've found that ideas I fervently clung to a decade ago just aren't right.  Hell, there are things I thought yesterday that were just stupid.  I like to be challenged, but hate being wrong, even though I'm probably wrong more often than I think.

This blog is a way of challenging my beliefs, as well as articulating my beliefs in a way that helps me understand them better.

It's also a place that I can write whatever I want, without messing up the theme behind my food blog and my tax blog.  I'm going to write whatever I want, however I want, and without much editing.  I'm going to express some frightfully stupid, offensive and also incredibly smart and insightful things.  I'm going to argue in favor of things I despise, and against things I love.  Then do the opposite.

I'm going to label posts so you can generally tell where I stand at the time of writing, and this is important...if you decide to take something I write, knowing that it might not be what I really believe, and spread that about as though I actually believe it, then you're a dick.  That's all.  Go ahead and do it if you want, or be a stand up person and argue with me about things here.

I hope to make this a place where people (especially me) can learn about issues, critical thinking, good argument techniques, and what a generally brilliant person I am (modest too).  

I might invite people to write here if I respect the way they express their beliefs.  I don't actually care what their beliefs are, just that they can articulate them well and make me smarter.  But this is my house, and what I say goes.  I won't change your comment or post, but I will delete it if I don't like it.  The criteria for that are...there are none.  My house.  If I don't like it, that's enough - though you'll find I'm pretty tolerant.  This is one thing I believe, tolerance is about putting up with stuff you don't like.  It's easy to be tolerant of things that you agree with, or don't annoy you.  True tolerance is accepting (or at least, well, tolerating) things that really bug the living shit out of you, or that you really, REALLY disagree with.  Please be tolerant of the insanity to follow....

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