Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wrong Questions

To be continually updated...
Not necessarily representative of my actual beliefs

The wrong questions is, "Should Gays be Allowed to Marry?"
The right question is, "Why do I have to ask the government for permission to marry?"

The wrong question is, "Should trans women/men be allowed in the women's/men's room?"
The right question is, "Why is the government telling me what bathroom I can use?"

People always ask, "How did the bad guy get the gun, and should he be allowed to have it?"  I'm always thinking, "Where's the good guy with a gun?"

A Blogging economist has a question...

From Cafe Hayek: Full article here - distillation below

"You ask why I continue at my blog to highlight imperfections in majoritarian representative democratic decision-making given that “it’s our best option.”  My reasons are two..........
.......Second, for most its uses today majoritarian representative democratic decision-making in fact is not our best option.  Given the existence of the U.S. government, majoritarian representative democracy might be the best option for making some select few choices, such as the size of the state’s military budget.  But why must ‘we’ choose collectively the minimum wages that employers pay to employees?  Why must ‘we’ choose collectively the rate at which water runs out of the faucets of individual homes and places of business?  Why must ‘we’ choose collectively the minimum amounts that workers save for their retirements?  Why must ‘we’ choose collectively a set of substances that ‘we’ are not permitted to ingest?  Why must ‘we’ choose collectively what foreign goods consumers are permitted to purchase?  Why must ‘we’ choose collectively the professional qualifications of physicians, lawyers, and (in some states) cosmetologists and florists?  Why must ‘we’ choose collectively the terms on which money is funneled to producers of electric cars, to manufacturers of commercial aircraft, and to growers of corn?"

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