Friday, July 29, 2016

Gun to my Head Time - Election Edition

Cards on the table...

I will be voting for Gary Johnson

That said, people have asked me who I would support and why, if it was just Hillary or Trump.

Besides the obvious answer of not voting...I will indulge.

I am leaning Hillary, for 3 reasons...

1. As PJ O'rourke said (I think and paraphrased)...Hillary is wrong about everything, but she is wrong within the normal range.
2. Hillary is a lying, corrupt, self serving, pandering, elitist, power hungry scumbag. Or, to put it another way, everything I expect from a major party candidate.
3. To expand on 2, I have no idea what Trump is.

All that said, I'm kinda hoping Trump wins  (if not Gary), because I think it would accelerate the 2 party dumpster fire apocalypse and help bring a third party to the table, but I think that violates the spirit of the question which was who sucks less.  Voting for trump because he sucks more is cheating...for this imaginary game.

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