Sunday, July 31, 2016

Quick comment on NATO Social Democracies

To be clear...Trump is a buffoon.
NY Times has an article about his comments on NATO commitments.
It's behind a pay wall so no link.
Trump's approach was,  as usual,  blunt and inept,  but he actually had a point.

I constantly hear about countries,  who happen to be NATO members,  who's glorious social welfare programs we should be emulating.
I also hear about how we could be like them if we didn't spend so much on the military.

The missed point is that all these socialist paradises are supposed to spend 2 percent of gdp on their military to support their commitment to mutual defense.  5 of them are...5.
These countries rely on the United States military spending to make up for their lack thereof.
Until these countries meet their obligations for mutual defense and stop being military moochers, I don't want to hear about how we should be like them.

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