Sunday, July 31, 2016

On Israel...

By Ray Zen

I found something I disagree with Johnson on... he thinks we should cut support to Israel...

This is a bad idea.

I like Israel... yes they are kind of like a cousin we have that can be a dick sometimes.... but Israel would come to our aid if we needed them....

For a country, that my friend Benny pointed out to me, that has less of a population than then then that of the New York City metropolitan area...

Them is some tough Jews.... and to be honest, we should support them even if it's just on a ethical plain.

Israel has a right to exist!

Now with that said... Palestinians too have a right to exist... they have right to opportunity... of course if their leadership sought to exist rather than destroy.. this whole point would be moot.

Fundamentalism creates a false sense of masculinity and martyrdom.  Even the Muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet (at a minimum) and isn't Christ that said "Blessed is the Peacemaker."

Now some of you don't even belief He existed.

 I get that.

But let us acknowledge that Israel, it's creation and our support is charged with so many emotional and spiritual roots that whether or not you understand them are very real to the people that believe them.

That acknowledging that people believe a particular way does not mean you agree with said beliefs but that you acknowledge the importance that people place in them.

Beyond the scope of the emotional and spiritual...supporting and defending Israel is America's ethical duty.  As is helping the Palestinian people grow and prosper.

Sorry Gary...  I disagree.



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