Thursday, July 28, 2016

Risk Assessment - Terrorism and Civil Liberties

No one seems to care about the erosion of their civil rights.
The arguments I get often are that if you don't do anything wrong you don't have to worry.  It won't happen to me. It only happens to criminals.
All somewhat rational,  if short sighted, arguments.
If only we applied that to terrorism.  We demand more,  often draconian and illegal action to prevent terrorism than can be justified by the risk.
You are NOT going to be the victim of a terrorist attack.
I can say car accidents, lightning strike,  heart disease and many other far more likely events,  but I'm going to list some unusual ones.

All of the following are more likely than you being the victim of a terrorist attack:

Your phone being tapped
Your being placed on the no fly list
Your social media being monitored
Your car being searched
Your being frisked by a police officer
The TSA stealing something from your luggage
You being stopped by police as a pretext for searching your car
You being arrested for a crime you didn't commit
A prosecutor illegally withholding evidence from your lawyer
A police officer lying to you
A police officer quoting the law to you incorrectly.
A police officer shooting you
A no knock raid at your house at 3 am
Your stuff being stolen by the government (civil asset forfeiture)

You don't even want to imagine the risks of the above if you are black...

Terrorism or civil's not even close.

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