Sunday, July 31, 2016

Results, Processes and Principles

By Kirk

A problem I see today is that people think about the results they want,  but don't think enough about the process and, more importantly,  the principles and unintended consequences.

Especially in politics,  someone agrees that something is bad,  decides it must be corrected, and away we go.

The two parties epitomize this. They don't care about principles.  They both claim to want freedom,  but only with regard to goals they want. Their platforms are rife with goals, but the principles seem to be filled in to back up the goals,  not vice versa.

Just because an outcome is desirable,  does not mean any means can be used to achieve it.

I think this is why,  for now,  I'm a libertarian.  Their policies flow from principles,  at least until they get power, and the principles are as simple as can be and respect YOU and your choices.

Cue the comments on the 2 parties principles,  most of which are actually policies disguised as principles. (Example: sanctity for life,  while supporting the death penalty and endless war. )

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